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Terms & Conditions

You and your dogs

Please ensure that your dogs are adequately vaccinated to use a public place. If your dog is showing any signs of illness do not use the secure field and be respectful of other pets and their owners.


The client has exclusive use of the field however there is a maximum limit of 4 persons allowed in the exercise field at any one time. If using the field together with friends/family you must all arrive in one vehicle.


At your own risk – uneven ground, long grass, deep water

You agree that your use of the secure field is at your own risk, and agree not to hold ‘Shotteswell Dog Walking Fields’, its owners or staff responsible for any injury to you, your family/friends or your dogs arising from your use of the secure field. The secure, fenced section of the field is a large outdoor space, and contains areas of uneven ground which could be concealed under long grass or other vegetation. Branches from trees in and around the fields may fall or have fallen and could contain other hazards consistent with the countryside.

Any logs, tyres, jumps, tunnels or other activities in the field are to be used at your own risk, we accept no responsibility to users or dogs for any accidents while using these items. Equipment is checked regularly to ensure its safety. Please ensure you and your dogs are using the field and its contents in a way that is consistent with fitness, age and physical capability to prevent any harm. If necessary please seek advice from professionals before using the activities to ensure it is suitable for your dog – the intention is for them to be enriching and to improve fitness and flexibility, spatial awareness and provide your dogs with an additional fun sensory experience. Please use any equipment you find respectfully and leave it as you found it. The equipment is for dogs only, not humans.


The pond in “The Woodland Field” is enclosed within the field using a separate fence. If you choose to use this facility, you are agreeing to do so at your own risk. Please ensure you and your dogs are using the pond in a way that is consistent with fitness, age and physical capability to prevent any harm.


You must close the access gate to the pond area when you leave the field in case the next customers want to keep the dog/children from entering the area.


The pond is deep water, and may be cold. The pond is be used by dogs only. Shotteswell Secure Dog Walking Fields accepts no responsibility for the use of the pond or water safety equipment. The use of the pond by dogs and any swimming is done so at the customers own risk. A life ring is provided in the pond area, please familiarise yourself with how to use this before you allow any dog to swim in the pond.


Do not throw sticks, branches or logs in the pond. If you would like your dog to retrieve from the water please bring an appropriate toy/dummy.


You agree not to let anyone else into the secure fenced area, other than any friends or family members you have brought with you to enjoy walking your dogs.


By bringing friends or family, or sending somebody in place of you, you agree that you take full responsibility for their safety and for ensuring that they abide by these terms and conditions at all times whilst using the field.


Smoking, BBQ’s & Fires are not permitted on site under any circumstance.





You are welcome to bring your children to the field, but they must be supervised at all times. You are responsible for making sure that they do not injure themselves or break any of the terms and conditions. Please be aware that the secure area has not been made child safe. Certain elements may pose an additional hazard to children (non-child proof dog poo bins for example).


The equipment provided in the fields are for dogs only, not humans.


Buildings and specific obstacles


You agree not to enter any buildings or other parts of the farm, and to keep at a safe distance from any livestock and farm machinery that may be passing. Please ensure your dogs are in your car or on their leads before leaving the secure fenced off area.

The Fence


Although we will be inspecting and maintaining the fence regularly, holes or other damage to the fence may occur from time to time due to a number of reasons including digging by dogs or other animals, falling trees or branches and general wear and tear. If you become aware of any issue with the state of the fence, please let us know immediately so that we can make other users aware and so that we can fix it as soon as possible. We cannot however, take any responsibility for any dog escaping the field whether or not this is through a defect in the fence, and regardless of whether we have notified you in advance or not.

Using the field

It is your responsibility to pick up all of your dog’s waste and dispose of it in the mess bins provided or please take it home. There are also general waste bins provided around the site for all other waste.


There is a wash down area and drinking bowl by the entrance of each field. Please leave them as you found them after being used.


To enter the field go through the small gate, using your access code you have been emailed with at the time of booking, just next to the parking bay. You must shut the gate when you enter and leave the field. Please only let your dog(s) off the lead once you have entered the field and shut the gate behind you.


Please ensure that you do not arrive too early for your booking and vacate the secure area promptly leaving it secure at the end of your booking time. Please shut the gate behind you as you leave the secure area. If you arrive late you must still leave at the correct time.


If the previous user stays past your start time and they do not appear to be leaving, please call me on 07837 364346.



All bookings must be made and paid for in advance through the website using our online booking system. Once you have booked you will receive an email with the gate access code.

Please note that your time slot includes the time it take you to enter and leave the field.

Bookings can be rescheduled up to 6 hours prior to the start time of the booking or cancelled with a full refund up to 24 hours prior to the start of the booking. Changes to the bookings must be completed within these time frames, not just requested.


XL Bully & Banned Breeds

From 31st December 2023 XL bully and XL bully type dogs are able to use our fields without the need to be muzzled or on a lead.

From 1st February 2024 you will need a certificate of exemption and public liability insurance if you own an XL Bully.

You are required to latch the gate from the inside would when you're in the field to stop anyone else accidentally entering the field.

If you bring an XL Bully or other banned breed, you are able to have more than one dog per handler, but these dogs must all be from the same household.



​We may need to vary these terms and conditions from time to time. When we do this we will let you know via email.


By making a booking, you agree to abide by the terms and conditions on the website at the time of making your booking.​


Privacy Statement

Shotteswell Dog Walking Fields are committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected. We hold your personal information in a safe and secure environment to provide you with a service and for internal record keeping. Your name is needed to track payments and your email address is needed to send you the gate access code, and updates on information about the field such as closures due to maintenance.  By processing your booking and indicating that you would like to receive this information from us, you consent to us using your personal information as described above.


By making your payment you have accepted all of the above terms and conditions.


For further information, or clarification please call us on 07837 364346.

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